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You can pre-order the new iMacs starting today, but there’s a catch

If you’re looking to waltz into an Apple retail store and walk out with one of the new bright-hued iMacs, you may be in for some disappointment. Even though Apple announced that the entirely redesigned iMac all-in-one desktop is launching in seven colors, with pre-orders starting today, only some colors will be available at the company’s physical stores.

Of the seven new hues for the iMac, only the green, pink, blue, and silver iMac models will be available in stores, according to Tom’s Guide. These are the colors that are available for the base $1,299 configuration of the desktop with an eight-core processor and seven-core integrated GPU. With stores not stocking the orange, purple, and yellow models, this means that shoppers interested in these colors will have to buy them online. In addition to orange, purple, and yellow, Apple’s online store will stock all seven colors. The full spectrum of colors are offer on upgraded $1,499 and $1,699 configurations of the desktop with an eight-core processor and integrated eight-core GPU.

iMac keyboard touch id

The newly redesigned iMac launched at Apple’s Spring Loaded event. Unlike Apple’s transition to its ARM-based M1 processor away from Intel’s silicon on the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini — all of which maintained their preceding generation’s design — the iMac’s launch is far splashier, coming in a new design. Aside from the change to the M1 processor, the most notable change is Apple’s use of bright colors for the housing, which has been significantly slimmed down and modernized with slimmer bezels surrounding the 4.5K Retina display. Apple also debuted color coordinated keyboard, trackpad, and mouse accessories with the desktop. Apple executives claimed that the new iMac comes with the best camera, speakers, and microphone that the company has ever used on the line.

It’s unclear at this time if Apple will display all seven colors in its stores for customers to see prior to purchasing. The company did not give any explanation as to why certain colors would be available to purchase at retail stores, while others will be exclusively available online. With seven new desktop colors and even more configuration options for each model, the company likely may not want to dedicate what little stockroom space it has at its retail stores to making all colors of its 24-inch desktop available. Shipping orders for less popular colors from warehouses may be a more cost-effective solution, and the move could help control lines and crowds ahead of a new product release at its stores during the global health pandemic.

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