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Apple’s secret monitors leak, hint at a refreshed Mac Pro

When Apple’s revamped Mac Pro launched in 2019, the company also brought out an all-new high-end monitor called the Pro Display XDR — you might remember it for its much-derided $999 stand. Well, one prominent leaker has claimed Apple is working on a new version, which might suggest an updated Mac Pro is also almost ready for prime time.

The news comes from Twitter leaker Dylandkt, who posted a thread outlining new information they claim to have access to. According to the posts, LG is working on three unbranded monitor enclosures that will be used for external displays. Despite the lack of branding, Dylandkt is confident these are headed for Apple products.

The Apple Pro Display XDR monitor next to a Mac Pro.
Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

One clue to the Apple connection, says the leaker, is that two of the enclosures share the exact same specs as the 24-inch iMac and an as-yet unreleased 27-inch all-in-one (most likely the forthcoming iMac Pro refresh).

These smaller devices could line up with reporting from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who alleged in January 2021 that Apple was working on at least one smaller external monitor to go alongside the $4,999 Pro Display XDR. Gurman believed Apple wanted to offer something cheaper than its costly Mac Pro companion, which could explain the smaller sizes of these leaked monitor enclosures.

As for the third device detailed by Dylandkt, this uses a 32-inch frame just like the Pro Display XDR. The current iteration of this monitor comes with a 6K resolution, 1,000 nits of brightness, and HDR10, so it’s exciting to think about what the next version might offer (though it’s less exciting to consider the potential price tag). If Apple is updating the Pro Display XDR, that implies a new Mac Pro could come with it, since the two launched together in 2019.

Mini-LED and 120Hz ProMotion

The 27-inch and 32-inch models will feature mini-LED panels and a 120Hz variable refresh rate — tech that Apple dubs ProMotion and is found in the latest MacBook Pro. The 24-inch model might lack these features, which would help make it more affordable.

Dylandkt also notes that they have seen “a reference to custom silicon powering the 32-inch display.” The current Pro Display XDR is kitted out with an Apple-designed timing controller chip that is used to modulate its LCD pixels and LED backlighting, so this mysterious chip could be an updated version of the existing silicon.

Although the leaker states they have not seen these silicon references on the 24-inch and 27-inch models, that does not necessarily mean custom chips will be totally absent from these devices. As Dylandkt points out, that information simply isn’t available right now, and might come to light at another time.

If Apple is working on a new Pro Display XDR, it will surely pair it with an updated Mac Pro – something that’s strongly rumored for a 2022 release. With all these displays in the works, Apple fans could get a veritable feast for the eyes in the coming months.

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