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Apple Tablet Rumors: Gaming to Be a Focus, PA Semi Chipsets and More

apple-tablet-montageThe unveiling of Apple’s top secret tablet PC is next week, while this week the rumors are flying. We need to stop calling them rumors—we should probably call them Apple tablet clues. So, here is a quick roundup of today’s Apple tablet clues:

P.A. Semi chip to power the Apple tablet…

So this “rumor” has been on the iSlate-stalkers radar for some time now. Most industry experts assumed Apple would be using P.A. Semi for the new device, especially since Apple purchased the company in 2008 for $278million—that’s a hefty price to pay if Apple didn’t use the company for something.  The Apple Insider reported that UBS Investment Research cited industry checks forecasting that the Apple tablet will be powered by a processor designed by P.A. Semi and built by Samsung. Once again, we’re not surprised but this news.

Publishers just getting wind of Apple tablet reality…

We heard already this week that Apple may be linking up with HarperCollins Publisher and the New York Times, but apparently many more publishers are in the works. The Apple Insider reported today that Publishers Marketplace said “secret” negotiations are taking place between Apple and “nearly all (and most likely all) of the six largest trade publishers” in the U.S. Apparently Apple has been doing some publisher soliciting in New York for the past few weeks.  There are also rumors that the publishers are not please with Apple’s need for control over the pricing and that the negotiations may not be completed by January 27th.

Apple tablet may be very game-oriented…

Apple hasn’t been big into the gaming scene like Microsoft or other hardware developers, but some sources are saying the new tablet PC could change all of that. The new iSlate is supposed to be a multifunctional, multimedia monster of a tablet, with sources like the Wall Street Journal claiming the big surprise on the device will be its gaming abilities. The WSJ says the new tablet will surely include playing games as a focus, especially since it will be able to run existing iPhone software. Apple’s focus in providing mobile games for the iPod and iPhone were only test runs for what they want to bring to the tablet, some say. Big-name game developers like Electronic Arts and Konami embraced Apple’s push for mobile gaming and brought some of their high-profile titles to the App Store.

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