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Asus, Dell, Lenovo show off Windows Mixed Reality headsets at Computex

asus dell windows mixed reality headset
Microsoft showed off Windows Mixed Reality headsets from HP and Acer at Build 2017 earlier this month. Now, the company has unveiled headsets designed by Dell, Asus, and Lenovo at Computex 2017.

The offering from Asus certainly has the look of next-generation technology, with an unusual polygonal cover panel that’s sure to help the headset stand out from the crowd. The company has apparently collaborated with Microsoft to ensure that its device is fast, powerful, and ultralight, according to a post on the Windows blog.

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Meanwhile, Dell’s sleek white headset is being billed as an “affordable” entry point into mixed reality for users who have been put off by the price tags associated with the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. It’s been designed with comfort in mind, and boasts such features as customizable cushioning, a convenient flip-up visor, and cable routing to ensure that stray wires don’t interfere with usage.

The device was designed by the same team responsible for the company’s high-end XPS and Alienware PCs. Dell’s Windows Mixed Reality headset is expected to be available this holiday season.

Finally, there’s Lenovo’s headset, which doesn’t make any great leaps in terms of its aesthetics, but may well prove to be a huge success as a result of its pricing. This device is described as “incredibly affordable,” so it will likely serve as the baseline for the Windows Mixed Reality headset range.

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The headset boasts sensors that facilitate inside-out tracking and streamline the set-up process, making it easier for users to jump right into experiences that require some real-world movement. The device is expected to be made available before the end of 2017.

While HoloLens is still a priority for Microsoft, Windows Mixed Reality represents that company’s ambition to make virtual reality and augmented reality accessible to all users. The idea of a clearly defined platform with close ties to the Windows ecosystem will likely be a huge draw for developers, so while there are still valid concerns about the future of the initiative, it could prove to have a sizable impact when these headsets and others are made available later in the year.

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