Asus reveals a new router designed for homes with multiple wireless devices

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Asus just announced the RT-AC87, a new router that has four antennas mounted to the top of it and is geared towards households that have a multitude of wireless devices in them. Considering the prevalence of wireless tech these days, one could see how such a router would prove useful in a multi-person residence.

Asus says that the RT-AC87 employs a number of technologies that are meant to maximize connectivity range, speed, and strength, including Universal Beamforming, which focuses signal strength towards devices, instead of randomly sending them in all directions. Asus claims a top speed of 1.73Gbps. As you’d expect, the RT-AC87 supports the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard.

Asus includes parental controls with the RT-AC87 to keep your little ones from seeing stuff that you don’t want them coming across on the Internet, which, as you probably know, is chock full of R and X-rated content. To guard against malware and other intrusions, Asus partnered with security firm Trend Micro to include something called AiProtection, which “uses real-time network monitoring to detect malware and other intrusions before it reaches your PC or device.”

Asus claims that setup takes a mere 30 seconds. The RT-AC87 can be used to turn everything on your network into your personal cloud storage service. Users can access and share the stuff on their network either through the Web, or the AiCloud app for iOS and Android.

Though an exact release date for the RT-AC87 has yet to be revealed, Asus says that it will hit the market “shortly,” and will sell for $269.99 once it lands.