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The 6 best Salesforce alternatives in 2024

Whether large or small, every business needs customers. Customer relationship management software, or CRM, can go a long way toward generating new customers while at the same time help a business cultivate and strengthen existing relationships. Salesforce is the most well-known CRM on the market, but there are a ton of Salesforce alternatives that offer a range of customer relationship features. Many do so even at a lower price. We’ve made our selections for the best Salesforce alternatives in 2024. Software such as Freshsales and HubSpot make the list, but read onward for other selections, including selections for the best Salesforce alternatives for a number of different types of companies.

The best Salesforce alternatives in 2024

  • Buy if you want the best Salesforce alternative overall.
  • Buy if you want the best Salesforce alternative for small business.
  • Buy if you want the best Salesforce alternative for project management.
  • Buy if you want the best Salesforce alternative for collaboration.
  • Buy if you want the best Salesforce alternative for managing leads.
  • Buy if you want the best Salesforce alternative for a budget.


Best Salesforce alternative overall

The Freshsales CRM logo on a white background.
Pros Cons
Free plan available Limited customer support
Easy CRM migration
AI integrations

One of the things that makes Freshsales the best Salesforce alternative in our eyes is its tremendous value. It comes in at monthly prices that are lower than, or very competitive with, almost every other CRM on the market, but it still provides a lot of access and capability. Its free plan is good for up to three users and offers a range of features that might be enough for many companies. As you start to work your way up the price plan you’ll get acces to things like AI-powered contact scoring, multiple sales pipelines, custom modules, and dedicated account managers.

Starting price Free, $15 per month
Integrations 35+

Zoho CRM

Best Salesforce alternative for small business

The Zoho CRM logo on a white background.
Pros Cons
Free trial available Expensive for premium features
Minimal learning curve
Straightforward pricing

There are plenty of reasons your business needs to switch to the Zoho CRM software, and its ease of use is one that stands out for small businesses. Zoho CRM is easy to learn and implement, making it the best Salesforce alternative for companies without a lot of software training resources on-hand. Zoho CRM is also very straightforward with its pricing, and a free trial is even available if you’d like to give it a go before implementation.

Starting price $14 per user per month
Integrations 500+

Best Salesforce alternative for project management

The logo on a purple background.
Pros Cons
Free forever plan Limited reporting capabilities
Project management tools
Automations is more of a project management tool with CRM capabilities built-in, which is why we like it as the best Salesforce alternative for project management. It offers a suite of products designed to flex and scale to your company’s way of working, and allows you to manage everything from strategy to tasks that will help you exceed your goals. You can automate cycles to close more deals with, as well as manage contacts, tracking emails, and create sales pipelines.

Starting price Free, $8 per month
Integrations 50+


Best Salesforce alternative for collaboration

The HubSpot logo on a white background.
Pros Cons
Free plan available Can get expensive
User-friendly interface
Good CRM for growth

HubSpot is one of the more versatile and complex CRM software options out there. We like it for collaboration because it’s an advanced CRM that offers sales automation, email sequences, customizable reports, and predictive lead scoring, but it also makes it easy to interact with each other throughout these processes. While access to its more comprehensive features can get pretty expensive, HubSpot has a lot of impressive solutions for sales and marketing teams looking to stay on the same page.

Starting price Free, $20 per month
Integrations 1,000+


Best Salesforce alternative for managing leads

The Pipedrive CRM logo on a green background.
Pros Cons
Free trial available Can get expensive
Intuitive interface
AI-powered automations

Managing leads is an important part of the sales process, and to establishing a relationship with a customer. The best Salesforce alternative for managing leads is Piipedrive, which offers a lot of lead management support even with its introductory price plans. Pipedrive’s base plan allows for 3,000 open deal, customizable pipelines, a products catalog, a leads inbox, and data import and export. These numbers increase as you go up the pricing scale, as do the features that come with Pipedrive as a CRM service.

Starting price $15 per month
Integrations 400+

Zendesk Sell

Best Salesforce alternative for a budget

The Zendesk logo against a dark green background.
Pros Cons
Free trial available Clunky app integration
Intuitive interface
Pre-built sales dashboards

Zendesk Sell isn’t necessarily the least expensive monthly CRM software plan out there, but it might be when you consider what you get for a base plan. It comes in at just $19 per month, and it allows access to five agents. This works out to be less than many CRM software options, as a lot of them price their plans on a per user basis. Zendesk Sell offers customizable sales pipelines, email and calendar integrations, task and appointment setting, call tracking and recording, and pre-built sales dashboards.

Starting price $19 per month
Integrations Nearly 100

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