CES 2006 Profile: X2 Corporation

X2 Corporation, a manufacturer of digital lifestyle products, was showcasing some new stuff at CES 2006 which looked to be interesting. One is an expanded line of “designer” laptops and laptop bags focused on women and the other was a new portable media player.

X2’s women focused notebook line up is called the StyleBook. This fashion conscious laptop line can be customized via various “trendy” colors and can be coordinated with one of 15 different matching laptop handbags. Specs on the Stylebooks include the latest Intel Pentium M processors, up to 1GB of DDR memory, up to 100GB in hard drive storage, 802.11b+g wireless networking, a DVD/CD-RW or DVD+/-RW Dual Layer Recordable optical drive and built-in USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394 FireWire ports.

X2’s new portable media player is the X2V. Priced at under $400, this 3.6” color LCD screen enabled device functions as a video player, photo viewer, MP3/WMA music player, portable storage device, personal digital assistant with calendar and contacts database, voice recorder, 6-megapixel digital camera and MPEG-4 camcorder. It sports a 30GB hard drive, SD/MMC/Memory Stick memory card slot, navigation buttons for control functions and a one-button backup feature for offloading data and photos.