Check out this video of a functional PC that’s encased in pasta

A computer built entirely out of pasta might not be possible, but you can probably build a fairly solid chassis for a computer with enough uncooked pasta and hot glue.

According to The Verge, that’s precisely what YouTuber Laplanet Arts did: He filmed himself as he built a chassis that resembled sheets of lasagna layered with pasta sauce to house the hardware from an Asus Transformer convertible tablet. After showing the process of how the lasagna-style PC was put together, the almost 26-minute video also went on to show Laplanet Arts testing his newly rebuilt PC.

The pasta PC was made out of uncooked pasta (lasagna sheets and rigatoni), hot glue, and the Asus hardware. The sheets of lasagna made up the majority of the chassis, but Laplanet Arts notes later in the video that the rigatoni was used to make “vents for airflow.” The most realistic looking aspect of Laplanet Arts’ pasta PC, isn’t actually made of pasta or food at all. The “sauce” included in the layers of the lasagna computer is actually just hot glue painted to resemble cheesy pasta sauce.

There were a few technical difficulties when Laplanet Arts tested the PC to see if it would be functional. But despite being encased in pasta and hot glue, the pasta PC was able to turn on, connect to his television, and even (partially) load a game or two. But as The Verge notes, even with those small victories, the PC still couldn’t overcome the tablet computer’s “aged specs” and its pasta/hot glue chassis to be a usable PC. The PC generally seemed to struggle with even doing simple things like loading and streaming videos.

Overall, the video is encouraging for developing food-based computers, even if the PC itself didn’t end up working as well as hoped. If anything, we learned that uncooked pasta is just as solid a food-based building material as graham crackers or gingerbread.

The video has a silly, overly dramatic ending that we won’t ruin for you. We’ll just say that like any other recipe video or food blog, everything gets plated and presented properly in the end.

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