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Cherry has two affordable mice dedicated to work and gaming

Cherry, the world’s most popular mechanical keyboard switch company, just released two new mice — the MW9100 and the MC 2.1.

In case you aren’t familiar with Cherry, chances are that you’ve used a mechanical keyboard with its switches as it’s the most popular keyboard switch maker in the world. However, this peripheral release is a bit different for the company as it is releasing mice.

A side view of the Cherry M.C 2.1 gaming mouse.

This isn’t the first time that the German mechanical switch company has made a mouse, but this is an interesting release as it’s starting to venture into peripherals more, as we saw with the release of its HC 2.2 gaming headset.

The first mouse is the MC 2.1, which is the gaming mouse out of the pair. The MC 2.1 utilizes silicone feet to allow for effortless gliding, a maximum DPI of 5000 thanks to its Pixart sensor RGB that can be adjusted within its software, and a flexible cable.

The back of the Cherry MC 2.1 gaming mouse.

The new gaming mouse also features a polling rate of 1,000 Hz. While the new Cherry gaming mouse doesn’t pack a lightning-fast sensor that can support an absurd DPI or polling rate, it is affordable at just $44. It should be noted that the MC 2.1 only comes in a right-handed variant at release. A left-handed model has not yet been announced at the time of writing.

The other mouse is the MX 9100, which is a more professional, pebble-sized mouse. The smaller mouse features wireless connectivity via Bluetooth or 2.4GHz wireless when paired with the included dongle that’s stored under the mouse via a magnet and an adjustable DPI of 1000,1600, and 2400.

According to Cherry, the MW 9100’s battery can last for weeks on just a single charge and it will let you know how much life it has left via its Red LED indicator. The small Cherry mouse will also come with a transport bag, allowing you to take it on the go, making it perfect for hybrid work situations.

The new M1900 is a very affordable, little mouse at just $37.

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