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Corsair wants to light your desktop with its newest Vengeance DDR4 memory

ram prices are increasing until third quarter 2017 corsair vengeance led ddr4 memory
Corsair launched on Thursday a new line of high-performance DDR4 memory that will not only light up your life with great performance, but your desktop innards as well, thanks to a built-in LED-lit top bar. Filed under the company’s new Vengeance LED brand, these new sticks emit a red or white illumination, depending on the customer’s preference, as well as provide a “blistering” clock speed of up to 4,333MHz. Kapow!

According to the company, the new Vengeance LED memory sticks are optimized for Intel X99 and 100 Series motherboards. They’re based on a high-performance 10-layer printed circuit board (PCB) for better signaling, and integrated circuits (ICs) that are carefully screened for better overclocking and improved reliability. They even have an “aggressively styled” aluminum industrial design too, meaning they not only help speed up your system, but look great in the process.

“Vengeance LED’s signature aluminum heat spreader ensures rapid heat dissipation to ensure cool and stable performance and each kit is fully XMP 2.0 compatible, allowing users to instantly set their memory to its specified speed and achieve the best possible performance and stability,” the company said.

The company is now offering kits in 16GB (2x 8GB), 32GB (4x 8GB), and 64GB (4x 16GB) capacities. The kits that are clocked at 2,600MHz and 2,666MHz run at 1.2 volts, whereas kits clocked at 3,000MHz and above run at 1.35 volts. The Corsair website actually lists 27 different Vengeance LED memory kits ranging in price between a cheap $85 to a very meaty $405. Right now, the maximum out-of-the-box memory clock speed appears to be a zippy 3,466MHz.

The most expensive of the bunch are the two 64GB 3,200MHz C16 memory kits — one with red LEDs and one with white. Compatible with Intel 100 Series platforms, these kits feature modules with 288 pins, Intel XMP 2.0 compatibility, and a heatspreader made out of anodized aluminum. Meanwhile, the least expensive kits offer a total 16GB of memory capacity. These include modules that are clocked at 2,666MHz and support for Intel XMP 2.0.

That support for XMP 2.0 is a big deal. It’s short for Extreme Memory Profile, and allows customers to safely overclock the memory modules past their factory-set default frequency (clock speed). Predefined and tested XMP profiles are typically loaded by the BIOS or a system tuning application. Thus, memory manufacturers like Corsair must pass Intel’s certification program for their products to be XMP certified. In the long run, Intel’s setup means a better, safer, and possibly successful overclocking experience for customers and their hardware.

Corsair said on Thursday that faster memory kits than what’s currently available on its website will launch shortly. Until then, customers can grab a Vengeance LED kit directly from Corsair, or through one of its authorized retailers and distributors. All kits offered by Corsair are backed by its lifetime DRAM warranty.

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