CyberPatrol Announces Threat Detector

71% of teens don’t tell their parents what they do online. That’s natural, it’s a time for secrecy. But parents still want to know, and a pair of new products from CyberPatrol, introduced at CES, give them the ability.

Threat Detector is a new, free online assessment tool to help parents review their children’s online surfing habits, which can keep them safe in the long run. The other addition is an enhancement to ChatGuard, which can protect kids against cyberbullying, adding a list of key cyberbullying terms have been added to existing inappropriate terms. ChatGard blocks objectionable words in instant messaging (IM), whether they are sent or received. ChatGard can also be set to block the user’s home address, phone number, and other information that would be inappropriate for children to share via IM.

“CyberPatrol’s aim is to provide parents with a way to quickly scan their family or children’s PCs for visits and bookmarks to unsuitable or unsafe web sites,” said Tori Case, Vice President of Product Management at CyberPatrol. “Certain sites may be considered inappropriate because of their content while others can pose a threat because of viruses, spyware and phishing. Threat Detector gives parents a very quick and easy way to assess the state of their family’s computers.”

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