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Deepcool Captain EX cooler dodges patent troubles with new pump design

Keeping beyond the reach of patent lawyers is something every product designer wants to do, which may be one reason why the new ‘all-in-one’ water cooling units from Deepcool look so distinct. Featuring an eye-catching red-on-black color scheme, and a two-pass pump-and-block design, Deepcool’s new Captain EX series has the potential to draw a lot of eyeballs.

Deepcool attempts to do more than merely distinguish its product from offerings by Asetek and others, and claims that its cooler also improves the efficiency of the water block. By using its double chamber design, it’s able to improve the density of the micro-channel fins, which hugely increase the surface area of a cooler without impacting the overall space it takes up (as per TechReport).

We’re also told that the tubing itself is made from “anti-explosion rubber,” (as per TechReport) and is wrapped in a webbing sheath that is designed to provide protection against bending and crushing.

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All of the fans fixed to the triple, double, or single size radiators are Deepcool’s TF120s, and operate at a low speed to keep the noise levels down. They also all feature red accenting to make these systems stand out, and if you like, you can upgrade them with a double-blade fan to provide additional cooling power.

The radiators themselves are made entirely from aluminum and are finished in black. Socket support covers every recent generation of Intel and AMD CPUs, leaving no stone unturned.

Pricing for the new Captain Ex range starts at $80 for the 120mm radiator, moves up to $110 for the 240mm, and finally reaches $140 for the 360mm. While the larger ones of course provide better cooling, you do need to make sure your case can handle them, as that’s quite a big radiator to fit in your chassis.

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