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Great for work and browsing, this Dell laptop is on sale for $300

Someone using the Dell Inspiron 15 on their lap.

There were a lot of great deals on budget laptops during Prime Day, and while that’s unfortunately over, we’re still seeing some great leftover Prime Day laptop deals that you can take advantage of. For example, this Dell Inspiron 14  usually goes for $500, but Dell has discounted it down to $300, making it very affordable, especially if you just need something basic to get online and get some work done.

Why you should buy the Dell Inspiron 14

The Dell Inspiron 14 is not necessarily a powerful laptop, and it doesn’t have to be, given that it’s made for basic day-to-day and productivity use. It comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, which is one made for mobile devices, so as you can imagine, it’s not going to be powerful enough to do editing tasks or anything that complex, but it’s good enough for word processing, emailing, zoom meetings, and so forth. Interestingly enough, the Inspiron 14 runs Windows 11 in S mode, which we usually only see when a device comes with 4GB of RAM, but this configuration comes with 8GB, so you’ll get a slightly smoother overall experience, which we appreciate.

The Inspiron 14 does not come with a GPU that can run any games, but thankfully the screen is still pretty good for this price point; it’s 14-inch big and runs a surprising 1920×1080 resolution. As for storage, you get a very respectable 256GB, although if you feel that’s not enough for you, then you can always grab one of these external hard drive deals for some extra storage. As for the overall build, we’re happy to report that it’s very solid for a budget-oriented laptop, and battery life, you’ll likely get 11-12 hours out of it, depending on how heavy your usage is and how the brightness of the screen is set to.

Overall, we like the Dell Inspiron 14 for its budget-oriented pricing while still having some very respectable specs. We also like that Dell has put a substantial discount on it, bringing it down to a very affordable $300 and well worth picking up if you need something relatively basic at a good price. That said, if you need something a bit more powerful, be sure to check out these great laptop deals for some alternatives.

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Why you should buy the HP 17-inch laptop
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