DL-165 Chip Brings Virtual USB Graphics to HP Media Docking Station

displaylink-usb-chipDisplayLink Corp. announced today that its new USB virtual graphics technology will provide streamlined USB connectivity for HP’s latest USB Media Docking Station. The complete HP USB Media Docking Station features an integrated notebook stand, a high performance speaker system, and a port replicator that uses the DisplayLink DL-165 chip, enabling the entire notebook to connect to all peripherals via a USB cable from the dock. The DisplayLink DL-165 chip is part of the DL-1×5 processor family and supports up to 1920 x 1080 resolution.

“HP’s USB Media Docking Station offers consumers the simplicity they crave. Pop your notebook on the stand, plug it into the dock via USB, and you’re ready to use all peripherals without any hassle,” said Dennis Crespo, DisplayLink executive vice president of marketing and business development. “This dock is the third HP accessory to incorporate DisplayLink innovations, further demonstrating our technology is a smart choice for USB PC products.”

DisplayLink is showcasing its products at CES this week.