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HP embraces dock culture with new portable and mini-PC displays

Alongside its ranges of new laptops, HP has unveiled a trio of exciting new displays at Computex this year. They’re designed with a modern office environment in mind, embracing what it calls “dock culture,” as well as the new trend in miniature PCs that could see these displays not only act as a hub for multiple workers, but even store their upgradeable PC inside the display chassis.

The two new EliteDisplay docking monitors, the E223d and E273d, are designed to fix a number of challenges in the modern office environment. They streamline connectivity options to USB-C for data, video, and power. The monitors also offer RJ-45 Ethernet connections, USB ports, and headphone jacks, and make it possible to daisy-chain multiple displays together. They also work with multiple operating systems and include a pop-up HD webcam.

Designed to offer big-screen function to multiple office workers through an integrated dock, as well as quick connectivity to personal laptops, these 21.5-inch and 27-inch displays will go on sale in June, with price tags of $280 and $410, respectively. Full specifications and feature lists will be released closer to the time of their release.

Joining these new docking displays is an intriguing new category of monitor that HP calls a “Mini-in-one.” Like the docking screens, it is designed to maintain a tidy desk and reduce clutter, but it will also cater to a new breed of PC worker who wants the sleek operation of an all-in-one system, along with the upgradeability and portability of a stand-alone, miniature desktop. Think of it as a display for a Mac Mini-like device.

Also referred to as a “modular all-in-one,” HP’s new display has all the features you’d expect from a modern display, including a 24-inch 1080p resolution panel and integrated speakers, as well as a plug-in compartment in the back that’s perfectly sized for HP’s EliteDesk and ProDesk range of miniature computers. The back panels can be removed to reveal a slot just for that mini system, which clicks into place behind the main screen. The panels can then be replaced and locked in for added security.

HP mini in one
An HP Mini-in-one monitor with EliteDesk system. HP

Once in place, the system can be connected as any other and powered on with a single press. With a built-in webcam and microphones, the Mini-in-one 24 display could be a useful, modular solution to those who want upgradeable or portable system hardware with a stationary display.

It’s set to go on sale this August with a price tag of $279.

If you can’t wait for these new displays, check out our guide to the best monitors available.

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