The FBI is collecting its own library of deadly malware

fbi collecting library deadly malware locks

A recent posting on the Federal Business Opportunities website suggests that the FBI is looking to build up its own collection of malware to better understand the security threat presented by these tools. Security vendors are invited to submit examples of malicious software that could cause problems for users and institutions in the wild.

According to documents attached to the listing, the malware will be used by the Investigate Analysis Unit (IAU): “The collection of malware from multiple industries, law enforcement and research sources is critical to the success of the IAU’s mission to obtain global awareness of the malware threat. The collection of this malware allows the IAU to provide actionable intelligence to the investigator in both criminal and intelligence matters.”

The FBI is asking for malware including executable files, Office documents, digital media files and exploits coded to work through a Web browser. “The stated requirements are not intended to limit the offeror’s initiative and ingenuity,” say the official documents, so if you want to try and surprise the Federal Bureau of Investigation then take your best shot.

Of course, government agencies have snooping tools of their own that they can utilize, while simultaneously trying to protect themselves and others from outside malware threats as they appear on the Web. Any interested parties have until Feb 14 to get in touch through the Federal Business Opportunities site and strike a deal with the FBI.

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