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StreetView, 360-degree web browser make their way to GearVR today

Samsung Gear VR
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If you’re looking for new things to do with your Gear VR, look no further, as Samsung has just revealed a number of new releases on the Oculus Store. Though there are notably fewer butt jokes to address than in last week’s update, there are still a handful of recent arrivals worth mentioning.

StreetView VR, for instance, is a free-to-use third-party app from YoutopiaVR that allows users to take advantage of Google’s handy navigation utility with the expected perks of Virtual Reality. These include speech recognition for searching, voice-chat for exploring with friends, Wikipedia integration, a number of different preset navigation modes, and more.


Another nifty tool added to the Gear VR this week is Sprawly Internet Beta, a web browser designed specifically for VR headsets. As developer Sprawly vaguely explains, you can “Search, explore, listen, read — all in the VR environment of your choice.” Oh yeah, and it’s also free, so you might as well take it for a spin.


In addition to some basic essentials, Gear VR has also garnered a few new gaming experiences along the way, which I’ll gloss over briefly.

Cosmos Warfare looks like the Gear VR’s Eve: Valkyrie alternative, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It doesn’t cost a dime, so if you’re looking for dogfighting space sim fun, it may be worth the unseen cost of admission.


AltspaceVR, described by its developer Altspace as a “concept,” appears to be a more experimental type of game, if you even want to call it that. It’s more of a cooperative experience, in that it’s designed for group attendance of events, as well as watching videos or playing games with your friends. It’s free too, so there’s no real risk to be had by downloading it.


Lastly, Sera: A Story is also in the conceptual stages, and also free, explained by developer 521VR as a sort of puzzle game in which you explore “the whimsical new world of Sera” as you encounter some “friendly — and not so friendly — inhabitants.”

Moreover, there are a few discounts happening this week, valid until February 10. You can get Bandit Six for $1.50 (previously $3) or Bandit Six: Salvo for $2.50 (previously $5) during the promotional period.

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