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Google makes it even easier to get into A.I. with Raspberry Pi bundles

If you’ve been wanting to dig into artificial intelligence on a personal level, then you have probably been considering one of Google’s AIY kits. These allow STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) audiences to engage in simple projects with a relatively low investment. Now, Google has made things even easier by creating bundles that include the requisite Raspberry Pi single-board computers.

The AIY products have two versions aimed at two A.I. applications. There is the AIY Vision Kit that allows experimenting with image recognition and neural networks and the AIY Voice Kit that combines voice recognition and the Google Assistant. Both kits have always included the necessary software and the required hardware, including a camera for the Vision Kit and a microphone and speaker for the Voice Kit.

The newest kits are a bit more expensive than before, with the Vision Kit at $90 and the Voice Kit at $50. This time, though, each kit includes a Raspberry Pi Zero WH, a minimal version of the single board computer that includes wireless networking and pre-soldered headers that make it easier to connect external components like the AIY kit hardware. The minimalist computer runs $14 by itself, meaning that total investment is roughly equivalent to the previous versions.

Google has also introduced an AIY companion app Android, which you can download from Google Play. The app lets users set up and configure the kits wirelessly, although both of the kits can also be used with a traditional monitor, keyboard, and mouse. The company will be making iOS and Chrome OS apps available in the near future.

If you are interested in learning more about how to use the AIY kits to learn about and experiment with A.I., then you can check out the AIY website for updated information. There, you will be learning about the kits themselves, along with accessing a showcase of neural networks that have been tailor-made for the kits. Once you have decided on either or both, you can pick up the AIY Voice Kit for $50 and AIY Vision Kit for $90 at Target. The kits will be available globally at other retailers.

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