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This custom hoverboard is entirely powered by Raspberry Pi

The minicomputer called Raspberry Pi can be used for many inventive projects, and now a maker and developer named Orhan Günsal has used the hardware to power a nifty hoverboard with wireless support.

Raspberry Pi 3 2xHoverboard 4x250 watt motor PHP , Python , Linux

Günsal shared a short demo of the project on YouTube, featuring the hoverboard, which is powered by a Raspberry Pi 3B and is comprised of four wheels motorized by four 250-watt motors. The hoverboard also includes a 36-volt 8.8a battery and WEB Wi-Fi. The developer created a custom Python script to control the wheels via an Apache web server, Tom’s Hardware noted.

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This can be done wirelessly by logging in on a smartphone, tablet, or PC. Movements for the hoverboard are simple, including going forward, backward, and spinning in different directions; however, it is entertaining enough for a tiny robot.

In addition to this demo, Günsal is also expected to share more updates on the development of this Raspberry Pi hoverboard project on his YouTube channel.

A Raspberry Pi-powered hoverboard made by developer Orhan Günsal.

This isn’t the only unique way that Raspberry Pi computers have been used. In June, developer David Silverman used a Raspberry Pi 3B+ computer, a class D amplifier, and some custom Python scripts he developed himself to revive a dead Vox guitar amp.

With his custom code, he was able to add some customized audio tuning including delay, reverb, distortion, WAH, bass, mid, and treble, with knobs to manually adjust each new option. He also added LEDs to the case, which light up as the guitar is played.

Silverman noted the project took him several months to complete, as various tuning proved to be challenging. However, he now offers his custom Python scripts on Github.

Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer that sells for $35 and is a well-known option for allowing people to create DIY projects. The latest version of the tiny computer is Raspberry Pi 4, which is also set to work with Günsal’s hoverboard project.

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