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Google is making it easier to save Tab Groups in Chrome

Google is updating one of the most useful features of its popular Chrome web browser. It might soon be possible to save Tab Groups, so you can quickly get back to them after you exit your browsing session.

As noted by @Leopeva64 on Twitter, this new functionality is not yet available outside of a flag. However, once it is ready to roll out to everyone in a future Chrome release, a new “Save Group” toggle will appear as an option in the drop-down menu that is visible in the Tab Group box itself.

Saving Tab Groups in Google Chrome.

This would mean that as you find websites and group them by name or color, collapse the tabs in the new tab bar as you see fit, and close Chrome, you’ll be able to resume where you left off more easily. The current flag for it in the Chrome Canary Channel is “Tab Groups Save.” This is accessed by going to Chrome://flags and then searching for the feature and switching the flag to enabled.

In our testing, the new feature doesn’t seem to work as Google intended just yet as nothing saves. It is also being reported that in this early stage, any saved Tab Groups are sent to the bookmarks bar. In addition to our own screenshot above, Google’s developers have some screenshots of this on the Chromium bug-tracking website. Also, 9to5Google reports that the feature is likely to work on all desktop versions of Chrome.

The same Tab Groups feature from Google Chrome is also in Microsoft Edge. However, it’s hidden behind a flag in the Canary version of the web browser, but the functionality is the same. There’s no word yet on if this will roll out to Edge, but given the fact that Edge is based on Chromium, it shouldn’t be too long.

Google isn’t alone when it comes to grouping your tabs and making it easier to organize your work. Microsoft’s own Edge web browser has a “Collections” feature. This feature allows you to add tabs to a hub at the side of the browser for quick access across all your different devices.

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