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Google could be working on a new VR headset that utilizes eye tracking

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Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends
It looks like Google’s plans to take over the virtual reality market don’t stop with the Daydream View headset. According to a report from Engadget, the company is working on a headset that will use eye tracking as well as a series of sensors and algorithms to create maps of the real world.

Using these technologies, Google will be able to create augmented reality using the real world that the user experiences. For example, if there’s a couch in front of the user in the real world, there could be another object in that space in the changed reality world preventing the user from running into the real-world object.

According to Engadget’s sources, AI company Movidius will supply the chips that will help in the motion tracking and position awareness. Movidius is currently being acquired by Intel.

Perhaps more interesting is the fact that the report claims the headset won’t require a phone or a computer to power it — marking a change in direction for Google, which has so far been focused on provided mobile-based experiences.

To support the reports, The Drum reported recently that a “wireless virtual reality” device had recently passed through the FCC’s approval process. While a lot of the information on the listing had been redacted, it did list Mike Jazayeri, who happens to be Google’s product management for VR, as a contact.

It is not yet exactly known what the headset will look like, however there are multiple companies working on similar products, including the highly secretive Magic Leap. Interestingly enough, Google happens to be a major investor in Magic Leap, and has led one round of investment for the company, and participated in another round.

It will certainly be interesting to see what Google’s mixed-reality headset ends up looking like.

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