Google developing software and database to help rid Web of child pornography


We live in a technologically abundant world – one that sees a vast, ever-changing Internet that houses a mind-boggling amount of information. The introduction of the World Wide Web created a network of resources that reunited loved ones, increased global economy, and even entertained the masses. It’s a pretty great that almost anything and everything is sitting right at our fingertips, waiting for us to discover it.

However, with any good there arises an equal and unnecessary evil. The Internet has a dark side too, one filled with criminal mischief, phishing scams, illegal information, and illicit photography. One of the absolute worst Web offenders is child pornography. This criminal “ring” has grown exponentially over recent years and illicit content is all too simple to find via search engines. Recognizing this unfortunate truth, Google aims to do something to help put an end to child pornography showing up in search results.

According to The Telegraph, Google’s engineers are currently working on a specialized software that will allow it and other search engines and protection agencies to swap information with one another regarding images of children being sexually exploited. Google plans to have the specialized database finished within a year. The database that will allow Google to quickly and easily wipe any questionable content from the Web. The software will also be capable of automatically destroying any content previously flagged as child pornography from another agency or search engine.

It comes as no surprise that child protection agencies are giving great accolade to Google for its efforts to help stop the spread of this criminal disease. Google even took its efforts a step further than just ending Web searches by setting up a $2 million fund in order to help independent software developers create future projects to aid in stopping these types of illicit images.

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