Google Releases New, Faster Chrome Beta

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It seems like yesterday – actually just September – that Google released its Chrome browser, but it’s already come out with a new Chrome beta, one that’s not meant to replace the old one, but run alongside it.

“Getting on the beta channel means your version of Google Chrome will regularly get updated with new speed enhancements, features, and bug fixes before most users see them,” said Google Chrome product manager Brian Rakowski.

“The best thing about this new beta is speed — it’s 25% faster on our V8 benchmark and 35% faster on the Sunspider benchmark than the current stable channel version and almost twice as fast when compared to our original beta version.”

The beta also has auto form completion, zoom, and a new kind of tabbing. Rakowski said:

“We’re doing our best to quickly churn out new features as they are available rather than saving them up for occasional major releases. Riding the beta channel is a great way to let us know about what’s working and what’s not, but don’t be surprised to find some rough edges.”