Google tests simpler search results pages

Some Google users have noticed changes to the design of the company’s search result pages. CNET reports that a few different search result designs have begun filtering around the net. They appear to share a cleaner overall look, with more white space between results, no underlining on links (a long overdue upgrade), the lighter blue font Google has been favoring, and the removal of links like “Similar” and “Cached.” At least one version has a dashed line between entries as well.

We’ve included a comparison between the old and new design below.


As is typical with any design change, many users have rebelled, calling the new look “ugly” and wanting the comfortable old design back. However, the only thing we’ve really noticed is that Google search results are beginning to look more like Bing. However, one could argue that Bing looks too much like Google already.


If you’re intrigued about the similarities and differences between Google and Bing, check out our Google Vs Bing experiment from February. We compared the search results of both engines (with colorful pictures) and found that more than half of front page results appear to be the same. In any case, it seems that link underlines are really going out of style. Do you miss big underlined links or does a simple color change work well enough?