Help Invent The Perfect PC

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"You dream it. ASUS builds it. Intel inside it." That’s the slogan on a new website,, a joint venture by chipmaker Intel and computer maker Asus. The pair are combining to take input from people worldwide and build what will really be the first community-designed PC. The blurb continues:

"Your designs, feature ideas and community feedback will be evaluated by ASUS and could influence the blueprint of an actual notebook PC built by ASUS with Intel inside."

This is more than simply soliciting feedback, insists Lillian Lin, the director of marketing and planning at ASUS. She told the BBC:

"By empowering users to play a role in the design process, we expect to deliver cutting-edge community-designed products that address a consumer vision of the dream PC."

The site is divided into three “conversation groups,” as those behind the site call them, addressing notebook PCs, netbook PCs and gaming notebooks, and people are urged to use their imagination in their suggestions.

However, 2009 is likely to be well gone before the ideal PC makes an appearance in the real world.