Worth a thousand words: AOC offers affordable 4K monitor as UltraHD takes hold

how low can ultrahd go aoc debuts 4k monitor for 349 u2870vqe
There was a time not so long ago when 4K displays were simply too expensive for the average user to consider. However, as with all cutting-edge tech, consumer demand and advances in manufacturing have allowed for a more affordable version of the same device to be made available.

AOC’s U2870VQE monitor is 4K certified thanks to its 3840 x 2160 UltraHD Resolution, but it’s being sold for just $349 at Microcenter from today onwards. For anyone that’s been put off from making the upgrade due to the cost, it might well be time to think more seriously about investing in a 4K monitor.

The 28-inch U2870VQE claims to offer four times the resolution of a Full HD display, making full use of its 1 billion colors while offering speedy refresh and response times. In terms of connectivity, the device offers ports for VGA, DP, Mini-DP and HDMI connections, with the latter being MHL-enabled to give users the ability to charge their smart device as they stream content from it to the display.

While gamers will likely be one of the groups most interested in the idea of an affordable UltraHD monitor, 4K resolutions are set to become more widespread throughout the tech world. In fact, YouTube saw its first 8K video uploaded to the site just last month, further demonstrating how quickly monitor tech progresses.

For now, 4K seems to be the standard most are reaching for, and AOC is making a canny move by offering such an affordable monitor at this time. It didn’t take too long for HD resolutions to go from high-end to the new standard, and it’s perhaps sensible to expect that 4K will undergo just as swift a transition in its public adoption.

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