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Lenovo unleashes an avalanche of monitors, including a 4K 144Hz beast

Lenovo has just announced an avalanche of new monitors, and the range includes a really interesting model — the Legion Y32p-30, a 4K gaming monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate. Made for gamers, this display will aim to combine stunning 4K visuals with a refresh rate suited for MOBAs and other fast-paced titles.

Alongside the beastly Legion, Lenovo is also introducing a range of commercial monitors, including various ThinkVision offerings that might be appreciated by remote and hybrid workers. Here’s what we know about these new monitors.

The new Lenovo Legion Y32p

Out of all the monitors announced by Lenovo today, the Legion definitely stands out the most, and not just for gamers. This is a 31.5-inch UHD monitor with a 4K resolution, offering up plenty of screen real estate that should be helpful for gaming and content creation alike.

The Legion Y32p-30 has a reasonable peak brightness of 400 nits and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. The display is surrounded by razor-thin bezels that could add to the immersion, and it comes with swivel, tilt, and height adjustments. Lenovo seems to emphasize eye care by adding blue light protection and an auto-ambient brightness sensor that can optimize your screen when you’re getting closer to bedtime.

There are plenty of 4K monitors, but a gaming monitor that bundles a 4K resolution with a 144Hz refresh rate is still a catch, although there certainly are monitors that combine the two — and they fall in a similar price range to the new Legion. Combined with a 0.2ms response time, the Lenovo Legion will keep up with your gameplay in shooters and immersive RPGs alike.

Lenovo priced the Legion Y32p-30 at $749, and it plans to release the display sometime in December. A month later, in January 2023, five new displays will arrive, but these models are aimed at professionals rather than enthusiasts.

The range includes the ThinkVision T32p-30 ($799), ThinkVision T34w-30 ($849), ThinkVision S25e-30 ($179), ThinkVision T32h-30 ($549), and the ThinkVision T24i-30 ($299). Let’s see how they differ from each other.

A woman smiles as she works, sitting at a desk with the Lenovo ThinkVision monitor on it.

The ThinkVision T32p-30 is Lenovo’s solution for those workers who need a large display. This is a 31.5-inch monitor with a 4K UHD resolution and an IPS panel, likely to deliver good viewing angles and faithful color reproduction. It has a minimalist, borderless design that doesn’t stray from Lenovo’s usual style.

Moving on, we have the ThinkVision T34w-30 with a 34-inch WQHD curved display. The curvature was rated at 1500R, making for an immersive, but not distracting user experience. Both monitors have a 60Hz refresh rate and are suited for creative work and spreadsheet wizardry alike.

The ThinkVision ultra-wide monitor against a white background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Lenovo will also offer the ThinkVision T32h-30, a 31.5-inch QHD monitor with a built-in RJ45 ethernet port for increased security, and two smaller displays (S25e-30 and 24i-30). The former comes with a 24.5-inch FHD display and a slightly increased refresh rate of 75Hz, while the latter is a 23.8-inch IPS panel with greater brightness and colors.

With this new lineup, Lenovo heavily targets productivity and being able to combine work with entertainment. At a time when many people use the same computer for work and then switch to gaming when the day is over, the new Lenovo Legion might be the right way to go.

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