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Some surprising details on Intel’s upcoming 14th-gen laptops just leaked

One of the first laptops powered by Intel’s upcoming 14th-gen Meteor Lake CPUs has been spotted online, and based on what we’re seeing, the prices look surprisingly affordable.

The information originated on X (formerly Twitter) from @momomo_us, who initially shared details about these new laptops via Newegg US. The post disclosed information about the expected CPUs and key specifications of the laptops. Among MSI’s lineup of work laptops featuring Meteor Lake CPUs, the Prestige 13 and 16 are the first ones identified. The leak also mentions the CreatorPro 16 Studio, as well as popular gaming SKUs, the Stealth 14 and 16, although specs for these were not provided.

Newegg product listing of upcoming MSI laptops with Intel 14th-gen Meteor Lake CPUs.
@momomo_us on X/Twitter

Here’s an entire list of laptops that MSI is expected to launch with the new Intel 14th-gen Meteor Lake CPU range:

  • Prestige 16 AI Studio
  • Prestige 13 AI Studio
  • Prestige 16 AI EVO
  • Prestige 13 AI EVO
  • Stealth 14 AI Studio
  • Stealth 14 AI
  • Stealth 16 AI Studio
  • Stealth 13 AI Studio
  • Stealth 16 AI
  • Stealth 13 AI
  • CreatorPro 16 AI Studio

But again, the important bit here is the pricing. As per the listing, the MSI Prestige 13 will be the most affordable option starting at $1,049. Note that this is a configuration with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. This makes it cheaper than the previously rumored pricing of $1,500 and above suggested by Money UDN.

These laptops are set to incorporate Intel Core Ultra 5 and Core Ultra 7 CPUs, boasting top-tier features such as 6400 MHz DDR5 memory and OLED displays with impressive color gamut capabilities. The anticipated MSI Prestige 13 AI Evo, equipped with the Core Ultra 5 125H, is speculated to feature a 16-core and 24-thread configuration. Although the exact clock speeds of these CPUs remain speculative, rumors suggest the Core Ultra 5 125H could potentially reach a boost clock speed of up to 4.50GHz.

A higher-end variant housing the Core Ultra 7 155H has also been identified, and is expected to offer a total core count of 14 with 18 threads and a boost clock speed of up to 4.80GHz.

Despite the absence of dedicated GPUs, they should reportedly be able to handle content creation and light gaming thanks to the latest Arc Alchemist-based integrated GPU. As per Intel, the updated graphics solution can offer similar performance as a low-end discrete GPU and support modern features like ray tracing, DX12 Ultimate, and XeSS.

MSI could unveil its new Prestige AI EVO laptops at the upcoming Intel “AI Everywhere” launch event on December 14 followed by availability on December 18. If not, CES 2024 is a safe bet for a timeline for many of these new 14th-gen laptops to be debuted.

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