Internet radio on the rise thanks to social media and tablets, says study

TargetSpot Internet Radio listeners study 2012Why tune into FM when you can listen to anything you want on Internet radio? The number of Americans listening to Internet radio rose another 8 percent in the last year, reaching 42 percent, according to a new study. Among those with broadband, 65 percent listen to Internet radio. Oh, and broadcast radio use is down 47 percent among younger generations from a year ago.

Of course, these results aren’t surprising when you consider that the study was commissioned by TargetSpot, a digital audio advertising network which stands to make a lot more money as Internet radio takes over. We’re not disputing the trends here. Internet radio use likely is on the rise thanks to connected devices like tablets and social networks like Facebook, but please take these numbers with a grain of salt. 

Surprisingly, the study shows that Internet audio listeners also make a lot of money, meaning they’d make a great investment for your advertising dollars. According to the numbers, 51 percent are married, 64 percent own their own home, 42 percent have children, and 22 percent make more than $100,000 per year in household income. Jackpot.

Other interesting stats from the study:

  • 28 percent of people use tablets for Internet radio (up 87 percent from 15 percent last year)
  • 48 percent spent more time this year listening to Internet radio on a tablet
  • 54 percent use Internet radios built into their car
  • 32 percent use  a portable Internet radio player with apps built into it
  • 15 percent manually connect a smartphone or tablet into their car’s stereo system
  • 35 percent link their Internet radio listening to a social network
  • 32 percent like seeing music listening habits from friends on social networks
  • 27 percent have Liked people to see their listening habits on a social network (Facebook)
  • 67 percent continually look at their Internet radio player to check the name of a song or artist
TargetSpot Internet radio listening location

So there you have it. The study has many more figures, but all of them seem to spell huge growth for Internet radio. This begs the question, do you listen to Internet radio-like services now? More than a year ago? Let us know. Unlike this digital advertising network, we don’t have an agenda.