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Lexar now has half-terabyte SD cards

As with all storage media, SD cards have been seeing continued miniaturization and increased density, leading to ever larger capacities on the same physical footprint. What once was impressive, say a handful of gigabytes, is now minuscule compared to the giant offerings available to consumers today. Lexar has been pushing the boundaries as of late, and is now offering a new SD card that reaches the lofty heights of half a terabyte.

This card is part of the 633x lineup within Lexar’s Professional range. While the firm’s 512GB model SD card’s performance isn’t ground-breaking — hitting a read/write speed of just 95MBps and 45MBps, respectively — the capacity is perfect for those who don’t want to lug around a large number of cards.

To give this some context, Lexar points out that a card this size could hold as many as 50,000+ jpeg images, or as many as 28 two-hour, 1,080p HD movies. However, the real push is for higher-definition content, and Lexar describes the new card as great for 4K video enthusiasts, as well as providing a portable backup solution for notebooks.

The firm also suggests that the card could act as an add-in storage solution for small tablets and ultrabooks, (as per PCPer).

Although no release date has been detailed, the 633X 512GB SD card will retail for $276.

If the idea of transferring that much data at those speeds makes you balk, however, you can opt for Lexar’s new member of the 2000x family. While that capacity maxes out at 128GB, it operates far faster, reading data at speeds up to 300MBps, and writing it at 250MBps.

It even comes with a USB 3.0 reader allowing you to pull data out at peak speed, rather than using the likely slower bundled card reader that your device has.

The 2000x 128GB version will go on sale at some point this month with a price tag of $290.

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