Tired of tearing and stuttering? LG’s 4K display with FreeSync will hit shelves this month

lg jumps on the freesync train with a 4k display that goes sale for 599 this month mu672
After being leaked on the company’s Australian site a few weeks ago, LG has officially confirmed that its 27MU67 4K monitor will launch later this month at the comparatively modest price of $599. The IPS panel features AMD FreeSync technology, according to The Tech Report, which intends to prevent image tears and choppy frames, particularly during gameplay.

Still, it should be noted that in order to make use of FreeSync, DisplayPort is required, whether it be the mini or full-sized edition of the interface. Fortunately, though, the monitor does incorporate two HDMI inputs, with at least one donning 2.0 support.


Also targeting gamers, LG has highlighted a wide array of split-screen options for players seeking to take advantage of multiple inputs simultaneously on a single display as well as a gaming mode which presents minimal input lag at only 9.7 milliseconds.

Offering three gamer modes, two first-person shooter modes, and an RTS pre-set, the panel aims to provide “optimal gaming conditions” based on genre. Meanwhile, its “Enhanced Visibility Black Stabilizer” helps brighten up murkier scenes in games where it’s difficult for players to see their surroundings.


Through the process of dithering, the 8-bit panel is capable of delivering 10-bit color, according to company specifications. Additionally, the monitor is configured to display 99% of the sRGB color spectrum.

Disappointingly, the panel encompasses a refresh rate of only 40 – 60Hz, which isn’t great when compared to other monitors like it on the market. Then again, achieving frame rates over 60 FPS at the display’s native 3840 x 2160 resolution would likely be uncommon enough to justify the compromise.


LG’s 27-inch 4K display will arrive later this month on Amazon, Fry’s, Micro Center, and B&H storefronts at the MSRP of $599.

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