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LG to launch a 48-inch OLED gaming monitor this summer

LG is launching a new UltraGear monitor this summer, complete with an OLED panel and massive 48-inch display, according to Notebookcheck.

The information comes from Steve May, an industry insider who tweeted out the confirmation earlier today.

LG has just confirmed a 48-inch OLED gaming monitor, with UltraGear branding,is due for a July release. It'll come with anti-reflective screen treatment and DisplayPort as well as HDMI v2.1. Can't wait @LGUK !

— Steve May (@SteveMay_UK) February 22, 2022

According to May, the UltraGear monitor will have an OLED display, which falls in line with the company’s OLED TV series. The display will also have an antireflective treatment to reduce glare. The monitor will support DisplayPort as well as HDMI 2.1.

The big selling point here is obviously the size of the monitor. At 48 inches diagonal, the monitor would be larger than even some TVs. That might make it an excellent hybrid option for those looking for a television and gaming monitor all in one.

UltraGear monitors also tend to have a “gamer” aesthetic, but May reports that the branding on the 48-inch UltraGear monitor will be “understated.” Apparently the only logo will be on the back of the device, so users could put it in any environment without it standing out (well, as much as a 48-inch monitor can do that).

There are some details May doesn’t mention. For one, there is no confirmation on the refresh rate, resolution, or price on the monitor. Because it is running HDMI 2.1, we can assume it will have at least a 120Hz refresh rate. In terms of resolution, it will likely be at least QHD (2560 x 1440) with a possible 4K variant.

Price is a little harder to nail down. There aren’t a ton of 48-inch monitors on the market, but based on the assumed specs, you should expect it to be rather expensive. The 55-inch Alienware OLED gaming monitor originally retailed for $4,000, though it’s since been dropped to $2,500. OLED, of course, is still extremely rare for gaming monitors.

UltraGear is LG’s premium desktop gaming monitor line, and the company has been releasing monitors with significantly larger displays recently. That includes the UltraGear32GQ950, which has a 32-inch display with a 160Hz refresh rate and HDMI 2.1.

With LG cranking out so many new monitors, 2022 may be the year to upgrade your PC setup. That’s doubly true if prices for components continue to fall.

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