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Linksys gets in on the mesh network game with the Velop router system

Linksys announced a new router on Tuesday, well, a new set of routers, that is. Using three separate nodes, the Velop system boasts a powerful mesh network designed to saturate your home in a high-fidelity tri-band Wi-Fi signal.

The Velop system is comprised of individual router nodes, each of which is capable of offering about 2,000 square feet of Wi-Fi coverage according to the spec sheet. However, your mileage will vary depending on the layout of your living space, which is why Linksys developed the Velop mesh system to begin with.

Say your router is in your living room and your signal — like mine — degrades significantly when you’re in your bedroom, the Velop system can remedy that with the addition of another router node. Each Velop node links seamlessly together with other nodes, to create an area of overlapping Wi-Fi coverage, all using the same modem or base signal.

The distinct advantage the Velop system provides is in the way it handles signals. Rather than cutting a signal’s strength down in order to push it further, the Velop system uses a combination of tri-band transmission and dynamic channel selection to create a mesh network that can deliver optimal internet speeds to every corner of your home.

Linksys is selling the Velop system in one, two, and three packs, and the whole system even supports Amazon’s Alexa. Not only does the Velop system allow you to set up a mesh network in your own home, it does so with relative ease. Using only the Linksys App, you’re able to set up your Velop network just as easily as setting up any other wireless router — and according to Linksys, it might be the easiest setup on the market.

It’s not exactly a budget router system, though, starting at $200 for a single Velop node, $350 for two, and $500 for three, the Velop system puts itself in competition with other high-end routers.

The Velop nodes are engineered to fit into any home, without sticking out like a sore, antenna-covered, thumb. The system is sleek, and each node features an understated design that blends easily into the background of your home décor, just a small white column you can stick on a bookshelf or desk.

The Velop doesn’t draw attention to itself and that is by design. It’s about 88 percent smaller than most other home routers but doesn’t sacrifice performance for size. Those little white pillars can churn out a powerful beamformed signal on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectra. Plus, it supports the latest 802.11B/g/n/ac standards, so it is a fairly future-proof choice for your home network.

Starting January 15, the Velop system will hit store shelves on Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, Fry’s Newegg and on the Linksys online store. No matter which package you choose, each one comes with a three-year warranty and 24/7 consumer support right out of the box.

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