Microsoft launches new site to accompany anti-iPad commercials


Converting an Apple fan to Windows isn’t easy, but that isn’t stopping Microsoft. As reported earlier by Windows Phone Central, Microsoft is stepping up its game in a big way. If you own a TV, then you probably have seen the commercials where the computer manufacturer blatantly targets Apple, pointing out all of the functions that a Windows RT can perform, but that are missing from the iPad.

Why stop there? Now, Microsoft has launched a brand new comparison site to accompany these commercials. So what does the site do? It’s actually pretty simple: it lets users easily compare a fourth generation, 64 GB iPad to several other tablets – Asus VivoTab Smart, Dell XPS 10, HP Envy x2, and the Microsoft Surface RT.

You can easily compare and contrast different combinations, seeing how each stacks up against the other in terms of battery life, thinness, display, whether storage can be expanded, multitasking capabilities, how long the battery lasts, and, of course, cost.

Will the site be effective? Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments.