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Windows Hello update looks to fix Surface Pro 4 and Book issues

The latest insider build of Windows 10 has been experiencing a few problems on Surface Books and Surface Pro 4s due to an ongoing issue with Windows Hello. Fortunately though, Microsoft is aware of this and has issued a new update to fix it.

Build 14342 was the one that WinBeta and a number of other Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book owners were struggling with. The problem seemed to stem from Windows Hello, which is what Microsoft has targeted in its new update.

Specifically, Microsoft in its update targeted the Intel CSI2 Host Controller driver, and according to reports this seems to have had a positive effect on Windows Hello performance. It’s also thought that this update will improve the way both two-in-one laptops return to function from sleep mode, making them more reliable than they have been on more recent builds.

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Although this wasn’t the quickest turnaround for Microsoft on a bug fix, it is good to see it cinched up for now.

Still, if you have the update and it hasn’t worked, or if you are unable to get a hold of it just yet and want to try and repair the issue with Windows Hello yourself, there is an alternative fix you could try, though it isn’t official. One commenter stated that they played around with their power settings and managed to disable connected standby, and that solved the problem.

It’s a shame that this issue has cropped up, as it has burned some on the idea of using Windows Hello as a security measure. Microsoft was really hoping that its new system of identifying the system’s user could help replace passwords as a simplistic login method.

Have you run into any problems with Windows Hello on your Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book?

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