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Microsoft now offering free Touch or Type Covers with Surface RT tablet purchase


Back in October, Microsoft entered the tablet races by introducing its Surface tablet. The company had obviously grown tired of rival Apple owning that sector of the consumer electronics market and set out to compete with its own tablet. Months down the road, the Surface seems to be doing just okay, and Microsoft is continuing to provide support and upgrades to a happy crowd of followers. But moderate success doesn’t seem to be what the company was aiming for, and its looks some sort of promotion may be in need of helping Microsoft’s RT tablets sell.

Starting May 31, and for a limited time, Microsoft is tossing in a Touch Cover, Type Cover, or Touch Cover Limited Edition (a $120 and up value) with the purchase of a Surface RT tablet. There are a variety of color options, and a few different styles. The Type Cover only comes available in black, but the Touch Cover can be had in red, cyan, magenta, white, and black. If you’re feeling artsy, you can grab a Touch Cover Limited Edition, which is available in a blue skull pattern or a pink flower pattern.

This news comes directly from Microsoft’s Surface blog, in which the company states this is a limited time offer. Unfortunately, there is no mention of a date of expiration or anything pertaining to when the offer may end. So, if you’ve been on the fence about grabbing the Surface tablet, now is a good time to grab one. The Touch Cover will run you an extra $120 when its not on sale, and the Limited Edition and Type Cover will both set you back $130. You do have the option to bundle the cover with your purchase, but its still going to run the price up a hefty $100. Unfortunately for those of you who already purchased a Surface, you aren’t eligible to receive a free cover and must purchase another tablet to get this limited time offer.

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