Surface Pro tablets now available through Dell, HP, and Accenture

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Nobody would have said the past decade has been kind to Microsoft when it comes to its hardware. The Zune was a bust after a few years, its phones have struggled to take off, and the Surface tablets were hardly game changers when first released. However, more recently the firm has managed to turn things around, and the Surface 3 and its Pro counterpart have done very well.

Apparently, though, some companies just aren’t comfortable buying boatloads of these items straight from Microsoft or Amazon. To change that, Microsoft has announced partnerships with Dell, HP and Accenture, all of whom can now sell Surface Pros. In addition, they will all provide post-sales support and services.

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One example of such additional service, from Liliputing, involves a company purchasing a number of Surface Pro tablets from Dell. In such a case, the customer will also receive a year of basic hardware support, and Dell has also confirmed that prospective buyers will be able to make use of its configuration and deployment services too. This will make it easier for companies to upgrade large numbers of systems at one time without interrupting work flow.

Essentially, what Microsoft is hoping to do with this move is to insert its hardware into the upgrade cycles of major companies that already have their go-to manufacturer. If a company is used to upgrading with Dell or HP systems, using their additional services and enjoying the personal contacts it has at those firms, that company is much more likely to use Microsoft hardware if they can get it from the same old channel.

If this move works out, a number of new avenues for Surface sales will open up. It remains to be seen whether those firms, once they become more aware of Microsoft’s hardware, will approve of those new products.