Surface: Microsoft takes aim at iPad Air and Galaxy Tab 3 in wave of comparison ads

microsoft surface ads

When Microsoft first launched its Surface tablets, its TV ads involved lots of highly choreographed dancing to a soundtrack that incorporated an abundance of clicking noises similar to the sound made when its much trumpeted Touch Cover connects to the tablet.

Having possibly discovered that the ads had no impact whatsoever, the computer giant changed tack with a new campaign bereft of dazzling performances by professional dancers that instead dealt with the nitty gritty of precisely why it thinks its offering is better than, say, Apple’s iPad.

Presumably this style of advertising is proving more effective as this week alone Microsoft has rolled out not one, not even two, but three six such ads, three taking on the iPad Air and another three dealing with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 slate.

The most recent of these ads, released Wednesday and shown below, focuses on the Surface’s plethora of ports offering multiple functions, while at the same time highlighting the fact that the Tab only has one – a micro USB port for power and connecting external devices.

As for knocking the iPad, the Redmond-based company is clearly keen to explore every possible use for a tablet, with another ad explaining how hands-free cooking is a joy with the Surface but potentially very messy with the iPad.

Just in case you’re at a loose end during your Thanksgiving holiday and feel like learning more about why the Surface walks all over its rivals, we’ve pasted links to Microsoft’s most recent ads below.

Sharing with family: Surface RT vs. Galaxy Tab

Sharing with family: Surface 2 vs. IPad Air

PowerPoint Presentations: Surface RT vs. Galaxy Tab

Cooking: Surface 2 vs. iPad Air

Ports: Surface 2 vs. iPad Air

– Ports: Surface RT vs. Galaxy Tab (above)

After experiencing disappointing sales with the first iteration of its Surface tablets, Microsoft badly needs the revamped versions, launched in October, to perform better, though whether ads like these will score it a few extra sales in the run up to Christmas is anyone’s guess.

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