Analyst: Apple expected to update iMac to Haswell processor in June or July


Ming-Chi Kuo is a KGI Securities analyst that has a penchant for reliable predictions concerning Apple products. Kuo has been correct about a variety of Apple releases over the past few years, which has caused the consumer tech world to hold his opinions in high regard. According to Mac Rumors, his latest prediction relates to the steady decline of sales for Apple’s iMac system. According to Kuo, orders for the iMac in the first calendar quarter sat somewhere around 1.75 million units. That number dropped to an estimated 650,000 units in the current quarter. It is speculated that the decrease in interest for the iMac is due primarily to natural, seasonal declines.

Because of this, Kuo believes that Apple will soon upgrade its iMac line to house the new Intel Haswell line of processors. The upgrade will hopefully catch the attention of individuals who have been waiting for something new to come to the iMac before making a purchase. This news is coming just hours before Apple hosts its annual WWDC event, but there has been nothing to suggest that Apple will be announcing anything concerning the iMac at its yearly gathering.

The iMac was just recently redesigned too, so its highly unlikely that Apple will be announcing any kinds of cosmetic changes in the near future. If we do see an updated iMac at today’s WWDC event, it’ll likely just be the insides that are refreshed. Stay tuned for more info…