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MMD jump-starts new line of Philips displays with ultrathin 24-inch monitor

philips moda 245C7QJSB
MMD is offering a new display as part of its Philips Moda line, the 24-inch 245C7QJSB, and it’s the thinnest it has ever produced, according to the manufacturer.

By all accounts, the 245C7QJSB is very thin indeed. From the side, the display is just 5.2-millimeters thick, discounting its stand. Perhaps even more impressive, its top and side bezels are a minuscule 2.5-millimeters thick, according to a report from Hexus.

Every effort has been made to remove all distractions from what’s onscreen, and that goal is clearly evident in the design of the 245C7QJSB. The display is being billed as the perfect addition to a multi-monitor set-up.

However, the 245C7QJSB isn’t noteworthy for its bezel alone. Philips’ Ultra Wide Color Technology promises to make colors pop whether you’re watching a movie or simply tinkering with an Excel spreadsheet. The IPS panel chosen for the monitor supports 16.7 million colors.

The display also uses flicker-free technology to regulate brightness and keep the picture steady, as well as SmartContrast and SmartImage, which automatically tweak its settings to suit the content being displayed.

The 245C7QJSB provides ports for VGA, DisplayPort, and HDMI connections, and comes packed with D-Sub, HDMI, and power cables.

“This is the first in a new lineup of displays for the home to combine elegant Moda looks with Ultra Wide Color Technology,” said Artem Khomenko, MMD’s product manager for Philips monitors. “Most home users use their display both for working productively and for entertainment – and the new 24-inch display offers the best of both. It looks good in living spaces or on desks, and also provides a brilliant viewing experience with color reproduction that is more realistic than ever.”

The Philips Moda 245C7QJSB is set to make its European debut in February 2017, and will retail for 189 British pounds ($236 U.S.). Information regarding the monitor’s North American launch and pricing was not available at the time of writing.

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