MSI begins shipping GE40 gaming Ultrabook, holds Facebook contest to celebrate


MSI has begun shipping its GE40 gaming Ultrabook. The company touts its creation as the “new high standard in high performance portable gaming.” The MSI GE40 features an Intel Haswell Core i7-4702MQ (2.9 – 3.2GHz) at its heart, accompanied by 8GB of DDR3 1600MHz system memory. Those of you interested in graphics capabilities will find an Nvidia GeForce GTX760M with 2GB of GDDR5 video memory, and the capability to run three separate displays simultaneously (including the Ultrabook’s display itself). The GE40’s display itself is a 14-inch non-reflective HD screen with a resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels.

You should have plenty of storage to save all your games, with a 750GB hard drive. The GE40 also boasts an integrated Sound Blaster Cinema and Audio Booster for all you audiophiles out there. If you’re curious about anything else, including ports, you can take a gander at the rest of the specifications on the MSI specs table below. The current pricing structure for the GE40 (20C-008US) sits at $1300.00, with a slightly more advanced model (20C-009US) peaking a $100 more at $1400.00. The upgraded version features a 128GB SATA drive in addition to the 750GB HDD, but does not appear to have any other add-ons.


In celebration of their successful shipment, MSI is holding the “Just Game!” giveaway on their Facebook page. Entry is simple, requiring only that you like a few pages (some of which you probably already frequent). Prizes include the MSI GE40, or a customized “Just Game!” PC setup featuring MSI’s Z87-GD65 Gaming motherboard, and an Nvidia GTX 770. So if you’re a hardcore gamer and looking for a sweet new setup for the next generation of games, then be sure to put in your contest entry here.