Nokia HERE Maps app released for Windows 8.1, Windows RT

If you’re an owner of a Windows 8.1 or Windows RT device and you’re willing to at least entertain an alternative to Google Maps or the Windows 8.1 Maps app for your directions-seeking needs, perhaps you should check out the Nokia HERE Maps app. It’s now available to download from the Windows Store.

Nokia HERE Maps offers users the ability to download maps for use when Internet connectivity is out of reach. On top of that, Nokia HERE Maps includes dedicated maps for certain cities, as well as information about mass transit lines. A Google Street View-like feature is present as well, and is available for use with “more than 140 cities worldwide” according to the app’s official Microsoft page.

Nokia HERE Maps will fetch you directions whether you’re walking, driving, or using mass transit, and it also comes with multiple map types: satellite, public transit, local traffic, street level, and regular. Additionally, the app allows you to sort out local spots with six different filters: Shopping, Accommodation, Going Out, Eat & Drink, Sights & Museums, and Popular.

You can download Nokia HERE Maps right now from the Windows app store by clicking here, hitting the View in Windows Store button and taking it from there. For whatever reason, we can’t find the app simply by searching for it ourselves as of this writing, so your best bet is to use the link we provided.

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