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Get a free copy of 'Destiny 2' for PC when buying a GeForce GTX 10 Series card

With all the preshow announcements out of the way, Nvidia is now announcing that it teamed up with Activision and Bungie to bundle Destiny 2 with select GeForce GTX 10 Series cards for a limited time. The PC version doesn’t actually arrive until October 24, but Activision plans to launch a beta sometime in August. Purchase one of Nvidia’s cards in the promotion, and you’ll get early access to that beta.

According to Nvidia, the promotion only includes the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti ($700) and the vanilla GTX 1080 ($550). That also means purchasing new desktops and laptops with one of these two graphics chips inside qualifies for the free game. However, the offer won’t last long, as it starts June 13 at 6 a.m. PT and ends on June 27.

Bungie chose the GTX 1080 Ti to showcase Destiny 2 running in Ultra HD on the PC during its worldwide reveal.

Nvidia worked with Activision and Bungie to bring the Destiny franchise to the PC in the upcoming sequel. Obviously, the game will be optimized to run on the company’s complete GeForce GTX 10 Series family, not just the two in the Destiny 2 giveaway. However, Bungie chose the GTX 1080 Ti to showcase Destiny 2 running in Ultra HD on the PC during its worldwide reveal.

“Nvidia’s collaboration started early in the game development process,” Nvidia says. “The company’s engineers lent expertise and gave Bungie access to game development resources and tools. As the game’s launch approaches, Nvidia and Bungie are working to tune performance and assure that gamers will have support for features and technologies only offered on the GeForce GTX PC gaming platform.”

Destiny 2 will reap in the benefits of what the PC platform can bring, such as uncapped framerates, full mouse and keyboard support, 21:9 aspect ratio support, advanced graphics tweaking, an Ultra HD resolution, and so on. The multiplayer aspect will be handled by Blizzard’s network (aka the Blizzard App now), which was previously exclusive to Blizzard’s game portfolio such as Diablo III, World of Warcraft, and StarCraft II.

Currently the specific launch date for the Destiny 2 beta is unknown. However, Activision will provide early access to a closed beta for PC gamers that pre-purchase the game followed by an open beta for the non-ordering crowd. For prepurchase customers, the first-party retailer will provide a key just before the closed beta goes live in August.

Destiny fans can get into the beta from all three platforms: PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Activision provides an order form here to pre-purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition, the Digital Standard Edition, the Collector’s Edition, and more. The version bundled with Nvidia’s two GeForce cards are presumably the Digital Standard Edition.

Destiny 2 hits the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 8, 2017. The PC version won’t arrive until October 24, and we bet it will be worth the extra wait. For additional E3 2017 coverage, head here.

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