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Nvidia GeForce Now adds two Battlefield classics and a free AT&T 5G plan

As part of its CES 2022 press conference, Nvidia announced that its game streaming service, GeForce Now, is growing with some sizable new additions.

First, it will come to Samsung’s own “game-streaming discovery platform,” Samsung Gaming Hub. AT&T 5G customers will also get six months of GeForce Now, which is set to receive three new games: Battlefield 4Battlefield V, and Rainbow Six Extraction.

A row of devices display GeForce now games.

GeForce Now subscribers will receive the premium versions of Battlefield 4: Premium Edition and Battlefield V: Definitive Edition, starting today. Each comes with the full suite of extra content for their respective titles, giving players access to a suite of new maps and weapons.

While Battlefield V is likely to have a decent player base even with Battlefield 2042‘s release, the same can’t be said for Battlefield 4. While the game spiked in popularity prior to 2042‘s launch, there likely won’t be as many servers full of players to choose from.

The addition of the three games’ comes amid another Nvidia partnership, this time with AT&T. Any customer of the telecom company with a 5G device, a 5G plan, or any other qualifying plan will receive six months of GeForce Now priority membership for free.

Nvidia used its press conference to also announce a series of new games to its ever-growing roster of supported DLSS, ray tracing, and Reflex titles.

Rainbow Six Extraction, which is set to release on January 20 after initially being scheduled to launch this past September, will also receive support for Nvidia’s DLSS upscaling tech when it’s released, along with Escape From Tarkov. However, it’s not clear when either game will actually receive DLSS support, as Tarkov has been out for some time.

Likewise, Nvidia is spreading its Reflex tech around to new and previously released games. Reflex, which Nvidia claims improves system latency, will be included in God of WariRacingRainbow Six ExtractionMidnight Ghost HuntGritReady or Not, and Super People.

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