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Samsung Gaming Hub brings your favorite gaming services to one app

Samsung is launching a new video game platform called Samsung Gaming Hub, which will be available on some of the manufacturer’s 2022 smart TVs, including sets just announced at CES. The platform acts as a central hub for services like GeForce Now and Google Stadia, allowing players to access multiple cloud services in one place.

The service will launch in 2022, though no official date is set. Samsung smart TV owners will be able to access the gaming hub by pressing a “gaming” button in a TV’s main navigation. Once in the app, players will be able to browse their recently played games, browse popular titles, and directly access services like Google Stadia in one place.

Samsung Gaming Hub displayed on a TV screen.

Samsung currently has partnerships with three gaming services. GeForce Now and Google Stadia will bring their cloud gaming libraries to the platform. Samsung Gaming Hub also integrates with Utomik, an indie subscription service that gives players access to smaller games from publishers like THQ Nordic and Raw Fury. Samsung notes that those three services are just the beginning of its partnerships.

The platform features a marketplace where players can buy games from within the hub. Once purchased, players can instantly launch them on their TV.

In addition to letting players access games, Samsung Gaming Hub has a few more functions. It integrates with YouTube Gaming to allow viewers to watch their favorite creators. It’ll also allow players to easily pair controllers with the service, though it’s not clear if any controller will be compatible at launch.

Samsung Gaming Hub seems like a convenient way to keep track of multiple services at once, though it could use a few more partners. Xbox Game Pass, which features cloud gaming, is notably absent from the initial list of partners. If Samsung can get Microsoft on board, the hub could be a suitable all-in-one platform for gamers who feel disorganized.

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