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Nvidia is giving away 100 prizes to puzzle solvers, starting on July 21

nvidia orderof10 competition 10 gtx 1060
Nvidia is launching another big #OrderOf10 contest. Though we don’t have much information on it, if it’s anything like the last one, it will mean answering puzzles and questions, with the chance to win a 1000 series GPU. Last time through, only a handful of people were lucky enough to win. This time around, Nvidia is claiming as many as 100 people will walk away with big prizes.

The first Nvidia OrderOf10 contest launched back in May, and had players going to specific locations in certain cities, looking for relevant symbols related to the challenge. It seems likely that this next contest will be much the same.

You do have a little time to prepare for the competition though. The OrderOf10 Origins contest will begin on July 21. It will run for four weeks, with four new challenges, we’re told, giving participants a total of 100 changes to win (thanks PCPer).

Chances are those prizes are GTX 1000 series graphics cards, but the first time around Nvidia held this sort of contest it also gave out tickets to Nvidia-sponsored events.

To be able to take part you will need to register, so head over to the official contest page and pop your details in if you plan to be ready to win yourself some gaming hardware. You’ll want to get your thinking cap ready, and maybe play a couple of puzzle games to get yourself in the solving mood.

Considering Google Maps was used last time – and you’re probably wandering about playing Pokémon Go anyway – it might not be a bad idea to brush up on your local area’s topography too.

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