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Pornhub now provides a free virtual private network to hide your online habits

Update: An earlier version of this article incorrectly identified an actress in VPNhub’s videos as a spokesperson for Progressive. We have corrected the article to remove the mistake.

The internet just landed another virtual private network (VPN) service to keep you anonymous online. Called VPNhub, it went live on Thursday, May 24 from the biggest adult entertainment site you can currently troll: Pornhub. It wasn’t developed to specifically flip through the site’s naughtiness undetected, but to serve as a free, unlimited service no matter where your desires take you across the world wide web. 

What is a VPN? It’s a service that masks your individual IP address and creates an encrypted data tunnel, making you untraceable. They’re especially handy when you’re connected to a public network, or a business that needs to transmit sensitive data to a remote branch location. They’re even used to access content from other countries that may be unobtainable in your region. 

“VPNhub makes it impossible for ISPs to throttle user’s usage, as they navigate the internet without having to deal with local networks or geographic limitations,” the company says. “Furthermore, VPNhub provides users with an extra layer of security, transmitting sensitive data under its cloak of anonymity, rendering it inaccessible to hackers, government entities, and prying eyes.” 

The service conveniently arrives as the government continues its tug-of-war over net neutrality. If the rules are ultimately eradicated as scheduled, many fear that internet service providers will be free to filter content, create “fast lanes” that will drive up end-user cost, and throttle bandwidth at will. Service providers reassure us that nothing will radically change regarding internet regulation, but if they do change their minds, the use of VPNs may turn out to be an effective consumer response. 

Of course, using VPNhub will enable Pornhub lurkers to get their eyeful without fear of their browser history or internet actions falling into the wrong hands. The popular adult site has you covered on any device, too, supporting the iOS, Android, Windows 10 and MacOS platforms. But there’s a catch. 

While VPNhub is essentially a free service, Pornhub offers a “premium” subscription as well. This paid model removes all advertisements, includes 24/7 technical support, increases the speed of your data tunnel, and provides a longer list of supported countries. But whether you use the free or premium subscription, VPNhub does not support the following countries: Burma/Myanmar, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. 

VPNhub is part of Pornhub’s effort to protect customer privacy. The company moved to HTTPS connectivity in 2017, which provides a secure connection between the site and the end user. It also launched a bug bounty program that rewards researchers for finding holes in the site’s security. Pornhub also plans to accept Verge cryptocurrency for anonymous payments. 

“With 90 million visitors a day, the vast majority of whom are using devices on the go, it’s especially important that we continue to ensure the privacy of our users and maintain their confidentiality,” says Pornhub VP Corey Price. 

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