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Public pre-orders for Razer’s OSVR headset are now open

There are a host of different companies that are currently hard at work to bring virtual reality to the masses — but while development kits are out in the wild, consumer units still seem a fair way off. Now, Razer is attempting to buck that trend, and is opening pre-orders for its Open Source Hacker Development Kit 1.3 to the general public.

The company is attempting to blur the line between developer and end user by offering the hardware as an open source piece of kit. With support already pledged by the likes of Intel and Gearbox, Razer’s strategy seems poised to bear fruit, especially since the headset is set to beat competitors, including the Oculus Rift, in reaching the marketplace.

Ahead of these open orders, Razer made 10,000 units available to pre-registrants — that number sold out completely, according to a report from Maximum PC. There’s a frothing demand for VR hardware, and it seems like the biggest problem for manufacturers is meeting it with devices ready for public usage.

However, Razer seems well aware that novelty value won’t be enough to keep VR afloat in the long term. The company’s OSVR program is attempting to build a platform that caters to both developers and consumers, offering easy access to tools and content to help the technology gain a foothold beyond being unconventional.

The headset being offered by Razer comes with an IR Camera operating at 100hz, as well as a 5.5-inch OLED 120hz silver screen that’s designed to offer low persistence for a better virtual reality experience. Meanwhile, an ergonomic design and plenty of USB 3.0 connectors offer an ideal balance of comfort and customization potential.

Pre-orders for the Razer OSVR Hacker Dev Kit 1.3 are now open, with the headset priced at $299.99. Hardware will begin shipping on November 23.

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