QuickerTek Apple Juicz Charges MacBooks Using Solar Power

QuickerTek Apple Juicz solar charger

For some people, portable computing means being able to pick up a notebook computer and transition neatly between a desk and a couch, but for others it means being able to take a computer with them to the ends of the earth. The problem with the ends of the earth? Very few power outlets. Sure, you can bring along spare batteries, but that’s a lot of extra weight to carry…and in the case of things like the MacBook Air and Apple’s 17-inch MacBook Pro, the batteries aren’t swappable anyway.

Kansas-based QuickerTek is now offering a solution for MacBook users who need to take their notebooks off the grid: the 27- and 55-watt Apple Juicz solar power chargers that are compatible with Apple’s entire MacBook line. Depending on the model of MacBook (and the wattage of the Apple Juicz panel), the devices can fully charge a MacBook in anywhere from 5 to 12 hours, provided users have access to direct sunlight. And, even better the Apple Juicz chargers are completely green energy sources with no environmental impact.

The Apple Juicz chargers fold up for easy transport, and features built-in grommets to secure the unfolded panel during charging. The units also com with a three-foot cable extension for connecting seamlessly to their MacBook—there’s also a 2 volt automotive cigarette lighter connection. And QuickerTek stands up for the durability of the panels, noting gleefully that one of their customers has taken the Apple Juicz solar charger to Mt. Everest.

Of course, price might be an issue: the 27-watt version is available for $700, while the 55-watt version retails for a whopping $1,200. But if your computing needs truly do take you to Mt. Everest—or Antarctica or the Gobi or Siberia or the Australian outback or even just on a boat for a few days—the investment might very well be worth it.

QuickerTek Apple Juicz solar charger