Surface Pro 2 price cut by up to $200 as Pro 3 prepares to ship

With Microsoft about to begin shipping its new Surface Pro 3 tablet, the computer company is understandably keen to do something about all those Surface Pro 2 devices it didn’t manage to shift.

So it’s hoping a price cut on the older slate may tempt a few consumers into parting with their cash, with the company lopping up to $200 off the cost of the Pro 3’s predecessor.

If you go for either the 64GB or 128GB models, for example, you’ll be asked to hand over $799 and $899 respectively, saving yourself $100 in the process. Opt for the 256GB or 512GB versions, on the other hand, and you’re looking at $1099 and $1599 respectively – a drop of $200.

The Redmond-based company made similar price cuts for UK customers at the end of last month.

While Surface boss Panos Panay said at last month’s Surface Pro 3 unveiling that Microsoft will stop making the Pro 2, he added that the ARM-based Surface 2 device will remain in production.

Pro 3

If you happen to be holding out for one of the new 12-inch Pro 3 models and are yet to place your order, you might be interested to know that the shipping date for one of the models has already slipped. While the 256GB Intel i5 model still looks good for a June 20 launch, the 128GB alternative is currently showing a June 30 shipping date.

The three remaining versions (64GB, 256GB Intel i7, and 512GB) aren’t scheduled to start shipping until the end of August.

DT’s mobile editor Jeffrey Van Camp liked what he saw with the new Pro 3 tablet, praising it in his hands-on review for its crisp display, improved keyboard, industry-leading stylus, and solid build and design. However, with its price running at between $1000 and $2000 (including extras such as the Type Cover keyboard and stylus), he wondered if you might not be better off getting a decent laptop and a standard tablet instead.

As for the Pro 2, is a $200 discount on a piece of aging tech enough to tempt you?

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